Line Manager Skills

Course Name: Line Manager Skills
Course Code: LMSS
Training Plans: Line Manager Skills-Blended

The units selected for the line manager skills training are three (3) core units from BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management course that focus on using interpersonal skills to improve operational team performance and productivity in a work environment.
Line managers’ duties in many organisations include the allocation and supervision of work within a team leadership role. Usually, they possess a high degree of skill and knowledge in the field that the work is being conducted, however, as a lower level management position, line managers are unlikely to have received formal training in the application of the interpersonal skills required to perform their role effectively.
The course is suitable for individuals without a high degree of technical skills in a particular field as it recognises skills and knowledge gained from outside of the workplace, and provides tools and techniques to apply these skills in a work environment. This Include parenting skills, which have similarities to the leadership style developed as part of this course, and may suit individual intending to return to a workplace.
The course may also be applicable to senior management seeking to gain a greater understanding of the role lower level management can fulfil in their organisation in areas of capturing and transferring corporate knowledge, performance management capabilities, and understanding of neurodiversity in a dynamic organisation.


Course progression will be monitored as candidates complete the following activities:
1. Online activities, receiving a certificate of completion for this part of the course, to give all learners an understanding of concepts, tools and techniques to be used throughout the course, and will also provide some answer for questions in the first assessment.
2. Complete the first assessment using information contained in the Audio files provided, with the assistance of the mentor if required, and submit the first assessment alone with your certificate of completion for the online course
3. Once your first assessment is complete, learners will attend a workshop where additional learning resources will be provided, and undertake the group assessments required as part of the course.
4. After the workshop, learners will continue to complete the assessments under the guidance of the mentor
5. A follow up tutoring session will be arranged by your mentor to complete team activities, and learners can seek assistance with the final assessments
6. Learners will complete the final assessments to receive the statement of attainment for the course
The course program is designed to be completed in a 10-week period, however learners who are unable to attend the workshop scheduled for their intake will have to attend a later session. As these sessions will be subject to availability, learner may be given up to 6 months to complete the course.

Units of Competence:
BSBLDR501Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBLDR502Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBWOR502Lead and manage team effectiveness
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